When having a relationship with a real human being is too hard, where do you turn? Silicone Soul is a documentary about love, loneliness, secrets and the future of human relationships.
Directed by Melody Gilbert. As seen on STARZ.

Announcing our U.S. TV broadcast on Starz!

We can finally announce it! Silicone Soul will be broadcast on the STARZ network in October !

Dates and times for the premiere are:

10/1/19 at 3:45 AM (Eastern Time)
10/1/19 at 8:47 PM (Eastern Time)

Additional screening:

10/27 at 11:35 PM (Eastern Time)

We are extremely excited to be able to share our documentary with more people !

Note: The doc will also be available on demand via the Starz app and we are working on finishing an arrangement for streaming to be available for non-Starz subscribers. If you don’t get Starz, there’s a FREE one-week trial at where it’s also available for streaming to your phone or computer

It will also be available by an educational distributor shortly. More on all that soon!

Keep up with the latest developments on our Facebook page, Twitter and Instagram.


Starz is an American premium cable and satellite television network which serves as the flagship service of Starz Inc., which is ultimately owned by Lionsgate. Starz's programming features theatrically released motion pictures and first-run original television series

March screenings in Prague and Fargo

Silicone Soul had the pleasure to be invited to screen at One World International Human Rights Documentary Film Festival in Prague, Czech Republic at the beginning of March. Our documentary had three wonderful screenings and as always insightful Q&As. Director Melody Gilbert and producer Dumitrita Pacicovschi were at the festival to represent the film.

After Prague, director Melody Gilbert attended Fargo Film Festival where Silicone Soul had a screening and took home the Documentary Feature Honorable Mention.

Special guests at the SILICONE SOUL Chicago premiere

At the Chicago premiere of Silicone Soul, at the Gene Siskel Film Center, we had two very special guests: John and his "wife" Jackie. Dressed to the nines, John and Jackie walked the red carpet, stayed for the Q&A and afterwards signed autographs on Jackie’s headshot and posed for pictures with the audience. See it below for yourself how fun were the two screenings!

Read our latest review from Third Coast Review HERE

You might go into Silicone Soul for a laugh or to look at someone in the hopes of feeling better about your own life. But many of the people featured here seem like good people, perhaps lonely or even damaged, seeking comfort wherever they can find it in a world that frequently rejected them long before these dolls entered their lives.
— Steve Prokopy, Third Coast Review
To make a film that examines people who have turned silicone companionship into an actual loving relationship seems almost too easy as a way to mock and belittle those who have chosen such a lifestyle. But director Melody Gilbert has plenty of compassion for her subjects.
— Steve Prokopy, Third Coast Review

Silicone Soul going to North Dakota

We’ve received wonderful news! Silicone Soul is an Official Selection for the 2019 Fargo Film Festival, and was voted as an Honorable Mention in the Documentary Feature Category !

“The jury loved the respectful approach to this community and your thoughtful editing and presentation.” - Kendra O'Brien 2019 Doc Feature Jury Chair

The festival is taking place at the end of March. We’ll keep you update with the exact screening date.


Magical screening at DOC NYC

We were thrilled to be part of this year’s program at DOC NYC and our screening on November 10 (IFC Center) was as magical as we thought it would be. Take a look at some of the photos from that evening.

From left to right: Igor Myakotin (cinematographer), Dumitrita Pacicovschi (producer), Basil Tsiokos (DOC NYC Director of Programming, Melody Gilbert (director), Danielle Knafo (consulting producer), Joy Tomchin (producer), the artist who makes reborn dolls with her daughter and three reborn babies. Photo by Allison Stock - DOC NYC

From left to right: Igor Myakotin (cinematographer), Dumitrita Pacicovschi (producer), Basil Tsiokos (DOC NYC Director of Programming, Melody Gilbert (director), Danielle Knafo (consulting producer), Joy Tomchin (producer), the artist who makes reborn dolls with her daughter and three reborn babies. Photo by Allison Stock - DOC NYC

Photos by Igor Myakotin, Melody Gilbert and Allison Stock (DOC NYC staff photographer)


We knew it for awhile but had to keep it a secret until the whole festival program was announced.

So here it goes. Silicone Soul will screen at DOCNYC on November 10, 2018 (9:15pm, IFC Center)! We are over the moon and very grateful to the team behind Silicone Soul and our Kickstarter supporters.


BendFilm Fest

BendFilm Festival happened so quickly but we had tons of fun. Silicone Soul screened In Competition and also we had the pleasure of screening the film in an very cool cinema (look at those seats!)

Pictures below:

Us at Chagrin Documentary Film Festival

We haven’t updated in awhile but that’s only because we had a lot of wonderful things happening for Silicone Soul! Brace yourself for a bundle of updates!

At Chagrin Documentary Film Festival, Silicone Soul screened In Competition (Oct.5 & Oct.6, 2018) and director Melody Gilbert had a great time being there for the Q&As. Our documentary screened together with a wonderful short documentary, Beneath the Ink by Cy Dodson, we crossed paths before at festivals and I am sure we will continue to do so.

Here are some photos from our time at CDFF:

And the Award Goes To...

Yes, you read that correctly, the AWARD for BEST EDITING of a Documentary at Covellite International Film Festival went to Silicone Soul. An award that goes to our talented editor, Miles Painter. Our director, Melody Gilbert was there to received it and enjoy the festival.

More photos:

A busy FALL schedule

First and foremost, here is a review of Silicone Soul in MODERN TIMES REVIEW that we could only dream of ! The reviewer really captured and gets the intention of our documentary.

Screen Shot 2018-09-07 at 11.17.15 AM.png

"An exercise in human empathy" and "Instead of characterising these people as weird and deviant (as perhaps many would), the film casts a non-judgmental eye on the lives of people who find it hard to be accepted by others. The result is a glimpse into a hidden world that is vulnerable and all about loneliness as well as the very primal human need to bond with others and to feel loved." - Bianca-Olivia Nita for Modern Times Review

Silicone Soul just screened in Cahul, Moldova at MOLDOX International Film Festival. Director Melody Gilbert and producer Dumitrita Pacicovschi attended the film screening and had a wonderful time! In Moldova, Melody also taught a week-long advanced documentary workshop (Moldox Lab Inspiration Workshop) for emerging filmmakers, along with Gordon Quinn from Kartemquin Films.

Moldova was warm, welcoming and full of sweet grapes and crunchy apples. We had fun hanging around doc hungry Moldovans, international guests and Gordon Quinn (executive producer at Kartemquin Films) who inspired young documentary filmmakers and shared inspiring stories from his 50+ career in documentaries.

Here are some pictures:

And that's not all! We do have a very busy fall schedule and we hope it will get even more busier as we slowly head towards December. 

SILICONE SOUL is going to:


covellitte screening.png

DOCUWEST on September 22nd

docuwest screening.png

CHAGRIN DOCUMENTARY FILM FESTIVAL were Silicone Soul will screen IN COMPETITION on October 5th and 6th

chagrin screening.png

and BENDFILM FEST has selected Silicone Soul to screen IN COMPETITION too. Catch us there on October 12th and 13th

bend film festival.png

We are excited for you to see Silicone Soul and happy to screen at such amazing film festivals! Meanwhile, read here again the Silicone Soul review, in MODERN TIMES REVIEW : CLICK HERE because it’s SO GOOD!


Screening in one of the coolest venues - a 100 year old barn

Free Range Film Festival (Wrenshall, MN) is an experience like no other. Every year the festival takes place in a 100 year old red barn and the whole event it's the definition of effortless cool, swag bag with fresh veggies included. Also, lets not forget the sun hat and the "filmmaker's only" lounge in the rafters with couches! Silicone Soul got to screen in the Barn on June 30th and it was wonderful!

See it for yourself:

Bay Area Premiere

What can be better than screening in a beautiful city at a wonderful documentary film festival  and at an iconic theater (Roxie Theater). "Silicone Soul" was invited to screen at the San Francisco Documentary Film Festival on June 9 and 10 and director Melody Gilbert was there to represent the film. We thank everyone who came to the screening.

Catch us next at the Free Range Film Festival (MN) on June 30. The festival takes places in a very unusual location. More details and pics soon!

Packing our bags... again

Good news! San Fransciscans we are coming your way this June!
SILICONE SOUL will screen at the San Francisco Documentary Film Festival on 


Our director Melody Gilbert will be there to present the film.

official selection.png

Also, just before SFDocfest, SILICONE SOUL will screen at DULUTH SUPERIOR FILM FESTIVAL
on JUNE 2 - 7PM - ZINEMA 2  and our director will be in attendance. The screening is free of charge, as are all the screening at the DSFF, so take adavatage of  a wonderful selection of fiction and ddocumentary films. See you there in June!

2018 DSFF Laurels.png

BEST OF FEST at MSPIFF and SOLD OUT screenings

The two SILICONE SOUL screenings (April 21, April 22) at the Minneapolis St. Paul International Film Festival have been extra special because most of the team members (Miles Painter- editor, Charlie McCarron - composer, Jesse Marks - sound mix, Beth Peloff & John Akre - animation) that worked on the documentary live there including our director, Melody Gilbert. Even our cinematographer, Igor Myakotin, who is based in NYC flew in for the screenings. The spirits were high, the screenings SOLD out, the Q&A's were fantastic, the audience receptive and open minded, director Melody Gilbert gave a TV interview for KARE 11   (see it bellow) and we were included in the BEST OF FEST list, getting the chance to screen SILICONE SOUL one more time (May 2). In short, we had the greatest time! 




Silicone Soul is on a roll!

Let me do a recap of all things 'Silicone Soul' that happened this March!
BUT FIRST… THIS MAKES US HAPPY (from a film festival catalog):

"Silicone Soul does not allow for its subjects to be easily labeled or judged. Instead, the film is a collection of resoundingly human stories that reflect universal themes-the desire for love, compassion and communication."

More below:

Minneapolis St.Paul International Film Festival catalogue

WORLD PREMIERE: We love the Thessaloniki International Documentary Film Festival where we received two full house screenings and fabulous (long & thoughtful) Q & A's! I barely made the screening, arriving in Greece with one hour to spare before the world premiere (you can read my husband's blog post about my 40-hour (!) journey here), so it was an extra special thrill to be there! It was a dream come true. 

World Premiere at the Thessaloniki Documentary Film Festival

A couple of my former students from AUBG (American University in Bulgaria) made the trek to Greece for the opening night, which made the premiere even more special!  Thanks Didi and Flori! 

Me (dir. Silicone Soul), Dumi (producer), Didi and Flori

Me (dir. Silicone Soul), Dumi (producer), Didi and Flori

We also got a couple of nice interviews while we were there. This is my favorite. Can't understand Greek? That's okay! This interview with me in English! Link here (my interview starts at 12:53)  

In addition to screenings, we also had lots of industry meetings, went to pitch sessions and connected with filmmakers from around the world. Thessaloniki was the best possible festival to begin the process of sending Silicone Soul out into the world! 

NEXT STOP: Sofia, Bulgaria for the Sofia International Film Festival where we saw lots of friends AND we got lots of press!  

Interview with Bulgaria on Air TV

Interview with Bulgaria on Air TV

These stories are in Bulgarian, but fun to watch anyway! My favorite was this TV news story on BNT (Bulgarian National Television), where the I told the skeptical reporter about the Hollywood movie "Lars and the Real Girl" (which she had never heard of) and she used it in her story to report that Silicone Soul is like the real "Lars and the Real Girl." Watch here

RADIO SOFIA (in English with me on Facebook live). Watch here  
Bulgaria On Air TV (Bulgarian only). Watch here.
Bulgarian National Radio , Hristo Botev program (Bulgarian and English). Listen here.

I was also on the documentary jury which meant I had to go to lots of screenings other than my own, which was exhausting but fun.  Not complaining! 

Overall, there was lots of interest in the film and some great discussions and gatherings.

unnamed (4).jpg
Melody and Dumi (producer)

Melody and Dumi (producer)

Special thanks to producer Dumitrita Pacicovschi for always being by my side!


AMDOCS (American Documentary Film Festival) and MSPIFF. 
AMDOCS in Palm Springs, CA Screening on Saturday, April 7 at 9pm Ticket info here.

unnamed (1).png

Sat, April 21, 6:45pm  and Sun, April 22, 2:15pm

unnamed (2).png

Here is what MSPIFF says about SILICONE SOUL in the catalog (we are very happy about this!): 

"Gilbert ventures beyond the surface to engage with each individual and explore what inspired the specific bond each share with a companion." Yay! They "get" it!  So happy. For tickets + read the rest of the synopsis, go here .
Minnesota friends: These screenings will likely sell out before the festival, so don't wait to get your tickets!

More screenings coming up in Duluth, San Francisco and and more- will announce soon!

To follow the progress of the film, please follow and like us on FB, Twitter and IG and of course we are always posting updates and pics on the website, too. 

More updates soon!

Yours in Docs, 



US Screenings!

We are pleased to announce that 'Silicone Soul' will have it's US premiere at American Documentary Film Festival in Palm Springs on Saturday, April 7, 7:30pm at the Camelot Theaters, Theater 2. Director Melody Gilbert will be attending the festival and will be there, ready to answer all your questions about the documentary.

Also, on April 21 (6:45pm) and April 22 (2:15pm) 'Silicone Soul' will screen at Minneapolis St. Paul International Film Festival. If you are around the area, buy a ticket and come to one of the screenings, it will be great fun!


Sofia International Film Festival

After an amazing World Premiere at the Thessaloniki Documentary Film Festival, we jumped over to the neighboring Bulgaria and screened 'Silicone Soul' at the Sofia International Film Festival. Other very stimulating and fascinating Q&A's happened with director Melody Gilbert and producer Dumitrita Pacicovschi in attendance. It's truly great to see how our documentary makes people stop and think about the future of human relationships, love,  the emotional attachments we have with our electronic devices etc. The discussions after the film have been enlightening and the audience very receptive and surprised by the feelings our documentary brought out.

Want to find out more? Here are some interviews director Melody Gilbert did while at Sofia International Film Festival.

BNR - Bulgarian National Radio - Radio Sofia

Read the article on BNR- Bulgarian National Radio - Radio Sofia ( Bulgarian only)

BNT - Bulgarian National TV (Bulgarian only)

Bulgaria on Air TV (Bulgarian Only)

BNR (Bulgarian National Radio) - Hristo Botev Program (BG and ENG)

Sofia International Film Festival (March 09, 2018 - photos)

Специална прожекция на документалния филм  "Силиконова душа" на Мелъди Гилбърт (BG)
Special screening of 'Silicone Soul' documentary film by Melody Gilbert (ENG)

More photos:

WORLD PREMIERE at Thessaloniki Documentary Film Festival

We had a fantastic World Premiere at the Thessaloniki Documentary Film Festival (TDF) with sold out screenings, media coverage, and two amazing Q&As! It filled our hearts with joy and pride that the audience understood the intricacies of our film.

Thank you TDF for inviting us to premiere in Thessaloniki!

Melody's Official Portrait at the Thessaloniki Documentary Film Festival 2018

Melody's Official Portrait at the Thessaloniki Documentary Film Festival 2018

Official Photos: Silicone Soul World Premiere at Thessaloniki Documentary Festival - director Melody Gilbert, producer Dumitrita Pacicovschi, and Dimitris Kerkinos, Head of Documentary Program. (Photo Credit: Motion Team, Thessaloniki Documentary Festival).

More photos: 

Small "Silicone Soul" review from (Click on the button).

TV100 Interview with director
Melody Gilbert starts at 12:52

Final touches!

Over this weekend we are working hard to put the final touches on Silicone Soul Documentary . Our premiere at the Thessaloniki Documentary Festival is very soon, beginning of March to be exact!

A big thank you goes to channel z editing for making the post-production process so awesome! We can't wait for you to see Silicone Soul!

World Premiere at the Thessaloniki Documentary Festival!

We are very excited to announce that Silicone Soul has been invited to premiere at Thessaloniki Documentary Film Festival in Greece! The screening will be on the opening weekend of the festival on March 3rd or 4th (more info soon). We are thrilled to be able to share this doc with an international audience at such an amazing festival. Director Melody Gilbert will be there during the premiere.

A huge thank you goes to the amazing Silicone Soul backers, supporters, production team and everyone who rooted and still does for our documentary!

More new about screenings and regional premieres very soon! Follow us on FB, IG and Twitter for more info and pics.

See you in Thessaloniki?!