When having a relationship with a real human being is too hard, where do you turn? Silicone Soul is a documentary about love, loneliness, secrets and the future of human relationships.
Directed by Melody Gilbert. As seen on STARZ.

Director's Statement


I have always been drawn to outsiders, underdogs and subcultures. I’ve made films about urban explorers, amputee-wannabes, and kids who can’t feel pain (read more about my previous films here). Recently, I became interested in the growing subculture of people who live with and love life-sized and lifelike silicone dolls that look real and feel real. For the past three years, I have delved into this world. It might not be for everyone, but hopefully you’re thinking: “Fascinating.” 

These are the kinds of topics and people I’m drawn to.  I'm excited to have an opportunity to tell non-judgmental stories about interesting people who bravely open up and share their secrets and stories with me.

I believe this film will force people look deep inside themselves and find empathy and acceptance for those who live along the fringes of society.

Here are a few reactions to the rough cut:

•    “You could have so easily mocked, but you chose to tell their story with compassion."

•    “All of the characters are extremely interesting.”

•    “The way you get these folks to open up and show their genuine love for their synthetic partners was awesome.”

The psychologist and author Dr. Danielle Knafo  (check out her new book on this subject) is the only expert studying this topic and she tells me that in 20 years, synthetic relationships will be normal. Think about that!

Silicone Soul is about people who live with and love dolls, yes. But ultimately, it’s a documentary about so much more. It challenges us to ask questions about who we are and where we are going as a society and portends some difficult questions for the future of human relationships.

In the end, my films don’t tell you what to think, they create conversations. I hope you will consider being a partner with me on that journey with Silicone Soul.