When having a relationship with a real human being is too hard, where do you turn? Silicone Soul is a new documentary directed by Melody Gilbert.

Announcing our U.S. TV broadcast on Starz!

We can finally announce it! Silicone Soul will be broadcast on the STARZ network in October !

Dates and times for the premiere are:

10/1/19 at 3:45 PM (Eastern Time)
10/1/19 at 8:47 PM (Eastern Time)

Additional screening:

10/27 at 11:35 PM (Eastern Time)

We are extremely excited to be able to share our documentary with more people !

Note: The doc will also be available on demand via the Starz app and we are working on finishing an arrangement for streaming to be available for non-Starz subscribers. It will also be available by an educational distributor shortly. More on all that soon!

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