When having a relationship with a real human being is too hard, where do you turn? Silicone Soul is a new documentary directed by Melody Gilbert.

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Special guests at the SILICONE SOUL Chicago premiere

At the Chicago premiere of Silicone Soul, at the Gene Siskel Film Center, we had two very special guests: John and his "wife" Jackie. Dressed to the nines, John and Jackie walked the red carpet, stayed for the Q&A and afterwards signed autographs on Jackie’s headshot and posed for pictures with the audience. See it below for yourself how fun were the two screenings!

Read our latest review from Third Coast Review HERE

You might go into Silicone Soul for a laugh or to look at someone in the hopes of feeling better about your own life. But many of the people featured here seem like good people, perhaps lonely or even damaged, seeking comfort wherever they can find it in a world that frequently rejected them long before these dolls entered their lives.
— Steve Prokopy, Third Coast Review
To make a film that examines people who have turned silicone companionship into an actual loving relationship seems almost too easy as a way to mock and belittle those who have chosen such a lifestyle. But director Melody Gilbert has plenty of compassion for her subjects.
— Steve Prokopy, Third Coast Review

Packing our bags... again

Good news! San Fransciscans we are coming your way this June!
SILICONE SOUL will screen at the San Francisco Documentary Film Festival on 


Our director Melody Gilbert will be there to present the film.

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Also, just before SFDocfest, SILICONE SOUL will screen at DULUTH SUPERIOR FILM FESTIVAL
on JUNE 2 - 7PM - ZINEMA 2  and our director will be in attendance. The screening is free of charge, as are all the screening at the DSFF, so take adavatage of  a wonderful selection of fiction and ddocumentary films. See you there in June!

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BEST OF FEST at MSPIFF and SOLD OUT screenings

The two SILICONE SOUL screenings (April 21, April 22) at the Minneapolis St. Paul International Film Festival have been extra special because most of the team members (Miles Painter- editor, Charlie McCarron - composer, Jesse Marks - sound mix, Beth Peloff & John Akre - animation) that worked on the documentary live there including our director, Melody Gilbert. Even our cinematographer, Igor Myakotin, who is based in NYC flew in for the screenings. The spirits were high, the screenings SOLD out, the Q&A's were fantastic, the audience receptive and open minded, director Melody Gilbert gave a TV interview for KARE 11   (see it bellow) and we were included in the BEST OF FEST list, getting the chance to screen SILICONE SOUL one more time (May 2). In short, we had the greatest time!